Nico’s VDub, the SA version.


Nico says: “I’m all about OEM+ and have been into VWs since I was young.  As for specs, my red 1992 GTi in South Africa is currently running a 2.0 16-valve lump with quite a lot of goodies and is pushing 101kW and 180Nm on the wheels, back in 2007 she used to be turbo’d. The paint and bodywork is completely original and has never been repainted.  The car runs on 16” Lenso BSXs and is lowered with Eibach suspension.

There’s a Rallye front end, European 16v Hella taillights, Euro badging and a lot more. The next mod for this car will be coilies and maybe widening of the rear wheels to 9j.” This is not all the Vdub stuff Nico owns, stay tuned for the Vdubs he uses at his other home in Romania…

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