Oprah Gives Her Audience 2012 VW Beetles


Oprah always has massive giveaways in store for her audience and last year, people were stunned at the car giveaway, where each member of the audience received a Pontiac. This year, Oprah is going bigger and better, awarding her latest audience of 275 screaming fans with the yet to be revealed 2012 VW Beetle, which only she and the higher-ups at VW have been privy to.

The audience were just shown a silhouette of the new, sportier Beetle which they will receive towards the middle of 2011 after its big reveal in the early months of the year. The Beetle is said to have a much wider, chunkier look with the iconic front and back ends that symbolize the VW Beetle.

Switching from the Golf 4 platform to the Golf 6 platform, this car gets a modern upgrade with features including branded speaker systems, an advanced touch screen radio, and unique ambient lighting along with navigation. I bet you are all wishing that you were on Oprah’s show that day!

VW Beetle on Oprah

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