Possible Production T-Roc Leaked

And compared to the concept, it's a bit of a cheat...

Image credit: VW Vortex

According to the Terminator-like CGI image that’s been floating around, Volkswagen’s new sub-Tiguan will not be as visually attractive as the flashy T-Roc concept we have seen.

It seems the T-Roc had a task of filling the gap Volkswagen has of utility vehicles with a youthful, sporty ride. Its job was to make the brand even more popular by encouraging owners to drop their tops. The plot-twist, though, is that it seems the targa top and pillarless doors will be ditched before the vehicle hits the dealers.

The “shimmering specter” as VW Vortex calls it, appeared in a promotional film at the Geneva Auto Show. It was the bulging fenders and short overhangs that gave reason for it to be believed that it is the T-Roc. Reports out of Europe, where the T-Roc will launch later in the year, say that the CUV will feature removable roof panels in place of a removable top. If that’s the case, we can expect the conventional panoramic sunroof.

Volkswagen seems to be patiently trying their best to evoke anticipation for the T-Roc and they seem to be using every tool at their disposal. The concept first appeared in 2014, sharing the same underpinning with the Golf. There’s also the possibility of a larger crossover based on the Atlas.




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