Primping Up That Used VW


Everyone loves an authentic, vintage VW Beetle. They’re reminiscent of the Sixties and Seventies and they can remind you of a time of simplicity. The design is amazing, meaning that vintage Beetles are highly sought after. The thing is, when you buy a used car, you can wind up feeling like you haven’t quite stamped your mark on it. After all, it’s had a previous owner and someone else has sat in the driving seat, so it makes sense that you want to make your vintage vehicle feel more like your own.

When you want to make your old car feel new again, you need to look at the current engine and mechanics and find a good VW mechanic who can replace and refresh the internal structure. There are plenty of otherwise you can reinvigorate your old Beetle and we’ve put these together for you here:

  1. Clean Up. Shampoo and replace the upholstery, vacuum the entire interior and take your car to a proper VW garage to give it a fresh coat of paint. You want to do all you can to make the inside and outside of the car feel brand new, so protect your car’s paint and get a proper finish done to it. An old model doesn’t mean an old look – there’s no need for a vintage feel on how it’s coloured! Do what you can to make your car feel like it’s brand new; it will serve you better on the roads that way!
  2. Replace Parts. When you take an old model of VW to the right garage, you can guarantee you can get the right parts for your model. Have the whole vehicle appraised from the steering wheel and dashboard onward. When you replace older parts, you’ve got to start where the controls and engine are so that your older model gets a newer interior. We all like to feel young again, your car is no different.

  1. Electronic Upgrade. Okay, so the whole point of buying a vintage Beetle is to keep some of the original features. You can do this with the interior and the bodywork of the car itself, but there’s nothing wrong with having some state of the art air conditioning installed! No one likes a hot car with windows that still need winding down, so getting that air con upgrade can only serve you well.
  2. Tires. It doesn’t matter than you’ve bought a second-hand VW, but what does matter is how second hand it is. What do the tires look like? Are they smooth and flat? If so, it’s time to change them over. You need a decent tread on the tires to be legal on the road, and keeping a spares kit in the trunk of the car will help you on the road.

Your vehicle can be as vintage and as aged as you like, but primping up the interior and the exterior so that the shell of the car stays the same but the way it runs is different means your old car feels newer than ever.


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