Prodrive’s new Volkswagen Golf rally car revealed


British Motorsport and Engineering Company Prodrive, has built a latest rally car, which is based on the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf. The new car with its 2.0-liter turbocharged engine produces 300bhp and is rooted in the five-door Golf. The car called as the VW Golf SCRC is expected to be used in Chinese rallying and has been exclusively designed to race in the Chinese Rally Championship.

The new car will be driven by Chris Atkinson of Australia on the Longyou Rally and the event will also see the FAW-VW Rally Team running the car. Prodrive, the British Motorsport developer, has built the car in less than six months. The car is not designed to FIA rules. However, the company states that it has been “built to the spirit of the WRC regulations”.

This is because many of the primary components used in the car are same as those being found in the current World Rally Cars. Moreover, the rollcage and safety features included in the car comply with the latest FIA standards.

According to John Gaw, Prodrive Motorsport managing director, “There is more freedom in the Chinese regulations and that has helped us to create this car in such a short timeframe. However, while the first cars will initially compete in China, the car can readily be modified to compete in most ‘open’ class rally series, of which there are many in Europe, Asia and North America.”

Cars like the Volkswagen Polo WRC, which is one of the current World Rally Cars, use 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol engine. However, the Golf SCRC uses a two-liter turbocharged four-pot consisting of a slightly large air restrictor and produces 300bhp.

Moreover, like most of the current World Rally Cars, the new Golf features the same six-speed sequential Xtrac gearbox and rear differential. Prodrive developed the aerodynamics of the car, especially its composite rear wing, in-house.

Talking about the bodywork, it is mostly of standard steel panels with its front and rear bumpers and wings being developed with flexible carbon composite.

Besides, the car has Macpherson strut suspension front and rear, hydraulic compression stops, and a standard brake package of AP Racing WRC among other features.

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