The Pros & Cons Of Buying An Electric VW


We live in a world that is burning through natural resources faster than the earth can produce them. It’s because of this that we are leaning more and more to solar energy and electricity to run things for us. The more we lean on electricity, the less we have to lean on natural resources like oil and coal – which can only serve the planet well.


One of the biggest developments with VW has been the ability to run cars on electricity. Charging them up in the same way you do a phone and off you go is just an amazing advancement in the technological and mechanical world. Certain models of Volkswagen, like the e-Golf, is purely electric driven and is making headlines in the auto world. As with anything in life, though, electric cars do have their pros and cons. Electric cars have their benefits, sure, but they also have their inadequacies and before you go ahead and buy one, you need to know both. Being informed is important, so check out our list of pros and cons and get informed!


Electric cars are quick, quiet and cheap to run. It won’t take much more than one ride to convince you that the quality of your driving experience will change compared to a regular, petrol-run car. Electric cars are quiet and they have a high torque, making your driving experience an amazing one. Electricity is also cheaper than oil. Think about how much you burn through in a week commuting to work. It’s also incredibly energy efficient and without an exhaust to change or oil to change, you’ll keep your money for longer.

One of the biggest pros for an electric car is never having to swing into a gas station again. You can plug your car in at home and off you go the next day. By being able to have a fantastic environmental impact, and no tailpipe emissions, it’s without question that the VW electric cars are better all round.


We’ve given you the pros, but what about the downside of an electric car? One of the biggest issues at the moment is the range an electric car has. Most electric cars only have a 80-100mile range at one time and as they’re not as popular on the market yet, finding somewhere to plug in and recharge is also a difficulty. Similarly, when you’re looking for car battery replacement, you need to ensure the garage you go to has the ability to replace an electric car battery. Electric cars are also, unfortunately, that bit more expensive than the regular petrol-run models.

On the flip side of that, you’ll be spending less overtime on parts and petrol so the cost can even out greatly. As electric cars with VW are new to the market, at the moment the choice is rather limited. This should change over time as electric vehicles gain popularity and support.

If you have the ability to save the environment, spend less money on natural resources and drive efficiently, choosing an electric car is a no-brainer!

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