How to Protect Your Volkswagen’s Car Paint?


Have you already felt the erosion of motivation when it comes to maintaining your vehicle? You used to take care of your Volkswagen baby so well it was always shiny and beautiful, but with the time, you simply got bored with it. It is somehow logical that your car’s paint won’t stay as gleaming as it was on the first day, but you still can do something to return its dazzling gloss.

Today we want to reveal some secrets to you that will help you maintain your Volkswagen’s paint in a top-notch condition. It is never late to give your four-wheeled pet proper care and take back its shine. This way, you will make it more resistant to external influences. Further, this will cut off expensive paint repairs, or at least, reduce them significantly.

No matter if you are a brand-new or not-so-new Volkswagen car owner, high-quality paint protection will help you maintain fantastic appearance and shine of your vehicle for several years to come.

1.    Nothing offers lasting sparkle.

Did you know that even the best auto paint protection would last for no more than 7 years? Yet, if you don’t look after the paint after applying, you can expect the number of years to reduce to 2, or even 3. Don’t get tricked by the marketing and lifetime warranties, as everything needs some degree of maintenance, even your vehicle’s paint.

It is already clear that different protection products offer a different level of paint shine. If you are a bit lazy and would like to get an item that will provide a longer shine, that will cost you additional money. However, there is no such thing as lifelong sparkle, as every even the best protection requires reapplication at some point in time.

2.    Your choice on the type of car paint protection product depends on the results you would like to accomplish.

No one knows but you which type of paint protection your vehicle needs the most. People living in harsh conditions with a lot of snow want protection that will prevent salt from abrading the paint. Others want to protect from the sun and UV rays, while acid rains are a nightmare for some.

If you get into deeper research, you will easily find a product efficient for most of these factors – road salt, rust, UV rays, acid rains, etc. However, it would be best to find protection that is primarily suitable for the conditions you are living in. In case you buy a random protection product unsuitable for your living conditions, it will supply your vehicle with momentary spark only instead of lasting shine.

3.    Mirror surface paint increases your vehicle’s resale value.

No matter how comfortable and high-performing your vehicle is, if it doesn’t have a glass finish paint, you wouldn’t be able to sell it for good money. If you maintain your vehicle’s glossy paint, you will preserve its aesthetic appeal in the first place, but this will have an effect on its resale value as well.

It is not just enough to wash the dirt away, as a buyer wants a vehicle with healthy car paint. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should leave your car dusty, but the focus is on the paint primarily. Paint protection will add to the genuine value of your vehicle and increase the chances of selling.

4.    Car paint protection is a long-term investment.

As we already mentioned, applying quality paint protection will save the appearance of your vehicle and its shine up to 7 years. One of the major benefits of the auto paint protection would be the one we mentioned above – increased value of the vehicle. Glass shine vehicle draws attention easily and looks sleek.

However, if you take proper care of the paint and protect it in time, you will create significant financial savings over time. This means protecting your car’s paint is an undoubtedly cost-effective investment. When you already have a polished and mirror shine paint, you won’t use the cleanser so much either.

5.    Acids from bird droppings abrade your vehicle’s paint.

People around the world have this misconception that nothing is as harmful to their vehicles as UV rays, salt, or acids. The thing they don’t understand is that bird droppings take the first place on the hazard list for your vehicle’s paintwork. Acids from bird have harmful properties for your vehicle.

How is the damage actually made? Bird droppings in combination with the sun beating down on your vehicle soften the paint lacquer and expand it. When the temperature of your vehicle drops down, you will easily notice the uneven surface made by droppings. This creates an imperfect appearance, as no one likes textured paint surface. 

6.    Low-quality vehicle shampoos damage the paint of your vehicle.

We know you want to show some love to your car and give it a gentle rub. However, rubbing a low-quality vehicle shampoo into the paint has negative effects on the shine. Your vehicle’s paint protection is the first order of safeguard, as it acts just as it is supposed to – protect the paint. You want a first-class shampoo with a low pH value and a soft pile mitt or sponge of solid quality for washing your vehicle.

Despite the fact paint protection doesn’t last forever, it will last for a pretty long period of time if you use topgallant washing products. This way, your vehicle’s protection will last longer as well. As a result, you will save some money and still have a fresh, healthy, and shiny paint on your car.

7.    Old vehicles’ paint still has a second chance.

As they say – it is better late than never. Even if you haven’t used the product until now, you still can give it a fresh start. Best auto paint protection will provide a notable difference from the very first use and take care of your vehicle until the next one. It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new or older car, car paint protection works on them all. Your oldie goldie will get a fresh coat and take back its initial shine.

8.    Expensive vehicle paint protection car dealers claim to use – they are really using it.

It is claimed that prestigious car dealers use relatively expensive products. If you are in doubt about the veracity of this one, we will tell you there is no doubt some of the most expensive paint protection items truly give world-class results. They are not saying this just for marketing purposes. Cheap materials and substandard protection will save you a couple of bucks now, but, in the long run – it will make a mudslide in your wallet.

Reputable protection certainly gives a vehicle glass shine, but it also reduces the waxing and cleaning needs. This will create long-term benefits your vehicle a lot, so don’t complain about spending a couple of extra dollars on it. AutoWise has reviewd the best paint protection products.

9.    You can give your vehicle premium paint protection – at home.

You don’t have to go to a detailer to give your car professional paint protection. Let’s be clear – applying is not as simple as waxing, but it’s not Solomon’s wisdom either. It takes a well-mastered technique and the right product, but we are sure you will do a superior job on this one. Not only you will spend some more time with your four-wheeled pet, but you will save some money at the same time.

10.    You can use wax and sealants over the car paint protection.

Waxing your car or using a sealant or ceramic coating won’t affect the performance of the auto paint protection. If you are using the PPF (paint protection film), you would simply replace the old, worn out, with a new one. 


So many factors, such as flying debris, scratches, and swirl marks can damage your vehicle’s car paint over time. To achieve a dazzling and shiny effect of your vehicle, you will need quality car paint protection. Just as everything else, this requires your time and dedication, but your Volkswagen will always look like it has just been driven off the showroom floor.

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