Rare 2door VW Golf MK4


I’m sure our American, European and UK readers will wonder about ‘rare 2 door mk4’ title, but its quite true. In South Africa we never received 2 door VW Golfs.   In the early days there were a few Golf Mk1 2 doors but since the Mk2 right up to the MK7 today, the 2 door model never made it to South African markets.   Quite ironic as they were at one point manufactured in South Africa! (Volkwagens Uitenhage factory)

Today we showcase a companies VW Golf Mk4,   Autobahn Cars is a startup dealership in Johannesburg, South Africa.  They purchased this at an auction and fixed up a few dents on the door, gave it a body kit and some fresh paint.  As it stands now it has a Side, Rear & Roof spoilers while the front rubber lip has been color coded.  The lights have a nifty LED park lamp installation.

Below are some pictures of this rare beauty, which incidentally is for sale! view more at www.autobahncars.co.za



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