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When it comes to Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept, the German carmaker has always been looking out for ways to outshine the heritage of the Dune concept.

Starting from 2000 when Volkswagen started with the manufacturing of the Beetle Dune Concept, the German automaker has picked up exactly where it left. However, the new Beetle Dune Concept is a latest and modern version.

Also, by late next year other coupe and convertible production models are scheduled to arrive and all these models are going to be based on Beetle Dune Concept.

The Beetle Dune Concept, which was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January, possesses considerably inflated sizes, which makes it distinct from the standard model. The body of the new model is wider, longer as well as taller as compared to the standard one. In fact, the car maker has also widened the new version at the front and rear track to give it a forceful road stance.

In terms of interiors, Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept will have to do away with its sky rack design feature for production models due to firm safety legislation, which is unlike its earlier models. Besides, the huge 19-inch alloy wheels replaces the flared arches and these alloy wheels are trimmed with cladding of matt black like in other off-road based cross models of Volkswagen.

Even the front end of the car has been changed to give it a new look. It features a chiseled bonnet with a chunky bumper design. Volkswagen has, in fact, fitted the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 207bhp under the bonnet. The engine is mated to a DSG gearbox of six-speed.

The Dune production car, which will be launched next year, will offer complete range of petrol and diesel engines from the standard Beetle that is available along with the gearboxes.

Additionally, the Dune Concept provides an elevated ride height of 50mm that presents good commanding view of the road. This added height also makes it look like a crossover more than a conventional car. However, the original interior paneling and instrument cluster are used as it is from the standard model.

Coming to the rear of the Volkswagen Beetle Dune concept, the new model is quicker as compared to other production Beetle models with its great combination of engine and gearbox.

The model takes about 7.3 seconds to race from 0-62mph with a top speed of 141mph. But despite the rugged and utilitarian image of the model, the Dune remains front-wheel-drive only.

Like the Golf GTI, the Dune is also equipped with the same classy multi-link rear suspension and electronic differential.

VW is hopeful that the concept car will switch into a showroom-ready model without many alterations. And if everything goes as per the carmaker, we might be able to see the best handling Beetle model soon.

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