Revive Your VW’s Tired Bodywork With These Amazing Ideas!


When cars are brand new, they look immaculate. There’s no denying that fact. The unfortunate truth is that, after a few years, cars will seldom look as mint as they did the day they got built.

Although VWs are known for their durability, their exteriors suffer the same issues that plague other cars. As you are reading this blog post, it’s likely the bodywork on your Veedub has seen better days. The good news is that you can do something about it! Here’s how you can revive your VW’s bodywork with these incredible ideas!


Give your bodywork the professional detailing treatment

Despite what you might think, any novice detailer can achieve the perfect finish. As long as they have the right tools for the job, that is! While the pros will undoubtedly spent years honing their skills, it’s possible for the DIYer to get just as good a finish.

Detailing your Volkswagen is done in several stages:

  1. Pre-wash;
  2. Wash;
  3. Clay bar;
  4. Wash;
  5. Polish; and
  6. Wax.

The pre-wash stage is achieved using a type of shampoo called snow foam. You use it with a special pressure washer lance that offers an adjustable flow rate. It does a brilliant job of removing contaminants from your bodywork, especially when left to soak for 30 minutes.

We all know how to wash a car, so that happens after you rinse the snow foam off your VW.


Next, you run a clay bar over the wet bodywork to pick up any ingrained dirt the snow foam couldn’t shift. Once that’s done, you wash the car once again.


Make those scratches disappear
The next step and one that even car dealers like Sandles Car Supermarket do is to polish the bodywork. Doing so gets rid of any light scratches and scuffs, which, quite frankly, are unavoidable in today’s world. Be sure to use a microfibre cloth with the polishing compound you use. You can also use a dual-action polisher to cover large sections of bodywork.

By now, your VW will look immaculate! Be sure to remove any excess polish from the bodywork, especially on areas like rubber seals and window glass. The final stage to achieve that showroom shine is to wax all the body panels. Once you’ve done this, the paint will offer a mirror finish!


Consider “wrapping” your bodywork
If you want to make sure your paint has no blemishes when you come to sell the car, there is one way you can protect it. I am, of course, talking about vehicle wrapping! Some folks have their VWs wrapped in vinyl. While others prefer to opt for Plasti Dip protection instead.

Not only will such a technique protect your Volkswagen’s body panels and paint, but it’s a fun way to change the look of your pride and joy too! The costs to have such work done are a fraction of the price of a respray.

When you come to sell your car, you can easily remove the wrapping yourself. Of course, if time isn’t on your side, the company that wrapped your car will remove it for you.

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