Road Trips Ahoy! Getting Your Car Ready For Spring


We’re still deep in winter mode, but many of us are beginning to cast our eyes toward the warming bloom of spring and all the fun driving opportunities that allows. Long drives through the countryside, camping trips, random days out are all in our not too distant future, and we couldn’t be happier! Still, we’re not quite there yet – and that’s just as well, because neither are our vehicles. With the days still dark and cold, it’s a perfect opportunity to put the time into making sure our cars are fit to roll out for the spring pleasures once it finally arrives.

Getting Over Winter


What with the grit on the ground, snow in the air, and chilly night temperatures, our cars can take a bit of a beating during winter, especially if they’re not new. That’s why they all need a bit of TLC when the snow finally thaws. There could be niggling problems that you hadn’t noticed at the time (we don’t blame you: nobody wants to spend longer time than necessary in the outdoors during winter!) that need fixing. The season can be hard on tyres in particular, so have a company like Wiltshire Tyres take a look at them to check they’re still fit for the road. Also check under your car to see if there’s any excess salt grit that has stuck to your car, and also give your wipers a thorough clean – they work extra hard during winter.


Spring Cleaning

Your car was functional during winter, now it’s about to become fun. That means you’ll want to have a car that’s enjoyable to spend long hours in – and also one that doesn’t look out of sorts on the roads. Spend an afternoon giving your vehicle a deep clean both inside and out. There isn’t much point washing the outside of your car during the winter, so many people don’t – and it shows when it gets a bit lighter outside for all to see. Clean and wax, and then get to work on the insides.


Check the Emergency Kit

It’s a good time to check the emergency kit in your car before the winter, but it’s also wise to check after too. Things like blankets and thermos flasks are often removed for other purposes during the winter, and who knows what else you might be missing in the back of your car? Making sure your car is fully prepared for any mishaps is the bare minimum you should be doing, especially if you’re thinking of taking your car on multi-day trips.


Bring The Noise

OK, we have to be honest: it’s not absolutely essential that your car has entertainment features inside, but it’s also true that riding in a car is much more fun when it does have these features. No, we’re not talking about DVD players or screens in the back, we’re talking about music! Invest in a decent sound set up with aux input and you’ll be able to load up all those great driving tunes as you head out for a day on the roads.

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