Safety First: Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Old Motor


New cars are fantastic. They look great, are packed with new technology and they contain amazing safety features too. Driving is dangerous, and so anything that will stop you from crashing (or save you in a crash) is always going to be a good thing. But a new car isnt something everyone can  get their hands on, if you’re driving a banger, a retro model or just an older car here are some safety features to consider adding.




Tyres so important when it comes to safety, and are one of the easiest upgrades you can make to your car to ensure you are safe on the roads. They are what give your car grip and traction on the road, plus they absorb road shock and ensure you get from A to B safely and comfortably. Since they’re the only part of the car in contact with the ground and could mean life or death in some situations. It’s the law for your tyres to have 1.6mm of tread, so be sure to keep an eye on this. You can purchase a tread depth gauge rather than eyeing it, or go to a tyre shop to have them check every once in a while if you’re unsure. Adjust the way you drive to keep your tyres in good condition. A crucial thing you need to do is make sure they are inflated correctly. Under Inflated tyres will give you far less control, plus it they will increase the braking distance and cause tyres to wear faster. Over Inflated tyres are equally problematic but in other ways. Put too much air in your tyres and your grip will be reduced and on top of this, braking is less stable- plus you put yourself at risk of blowouts.. Your car’s manual will tell you the correct tyre pressure, be sure check them regularly with a gauge. Always check your tyres when they are cold for an accurate result- so no checking after long journeys.


Parking Sensors

If your vehicle is especially wide, long or doesn’t have a good turning circle you might struggle parking in tight spots. They’re cheap, easy to install and kick in as soon as your car is put into reverse gear. If you do a lot of driving in cities and other urban areas where you constantly have to maneuver out of tight spots, or just aren’t confident with parking, this can help prevent any bumps and scrapes.. Don’t take the risk, parking sensors might be the difference between life and death, but they can make life a lot easier and save you time and money instead of going into someone while reversing. Sites like make it easy to search exactly what you’re after, so you don’t even need to go to a garage. Simply buy online and fit them yourself.


Anti-Roll Bar

Anti-roll bars are some of the best ways to influence your car’s handling and best of all they’re inexpensive and easy to git. Fitting an anti-roll bar to any vehicle will increase its maneuvering abilities, increase lateral stability and significantly improve overall handling. These now come as standard on new vehicles, but if you’re driving an older car, you can have an aftermarket bar fitted. An anti-roll bar helps reduce the body roll of your car when you drive around bends or are going over road irregularities. They offer a massive reduction in body roll when you’re driving fast around corners, and also decrease the load shift between inside wheel to outer wheel.


Lane Change Assist

Do you do a lot of driving on the motorway or other large roads that require overtaking? If so you will be well aware of the dangers of changing lanes at high speed. You have to be ultra aware of who is around you, the problem is sometimes cars can be right in your blind spot. Lane change assist works by using radar sensors, these monitor the area alongside and behind the car and covering the vehicle’s blind spot. This feature is thought to prevent up to twenty-five percent of accidents which isn’t to be sniffed at. Surprisingly, motorways are some of the safest roads you can drive on. However, if you do have an accident on here, it’s more likely to be serious or fatal so you of course need to do everything you can do to prevent this from happening. Lane change assist is just an additional layer of safety.

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