SmileDrive Android App for a Happy VW Journey!



It is just very recently that the free app SmileDrive is out in the android world, and the Volkswagen riders can take every fun of it while driving the car and while travelling miles. A joint venture of Volkswagen of America and Google, SmileDrive is an app that is accessible o be downloaded and used by the android users only. While it is connected to the car and one is off on the road, this app can make it sure that there will be fun for the passengers with a chance to gain Smile Scores and then win stickers as well.

For connecting the app to the vehicle the only thing required is Bluetooth connectivity and that widens the compatibility of the app with lot many models in cars like that of Fiats and Ferraris as well. The specialty of the app is that it runs in the background when the car is moving and when the car stops, the app uses details like the location, distance, time and weather and then deliver Smile Score to its user. There are awards too from it which are given away in the form of stickers.

What is more, the user can create a Smilecast by using SmileDrive in which a kind of pictured travelogue can be made by filling it up with photos captured on the way, maps of the trip, status updates and other memories as well. But the user connecting the app the through the android handset will also have to mind it that constant use of the app will drain the battery as well. So, it will be better for the user to keep the phone connected to a charger at the same time!


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