Solberg and Kristoffersson Launch 2017 Polo GTI Supercar

For this year's World Rallycross Championship, Petter Solberg and Johan Kristoffersson to race together under a new team in a Volkswagen Polo Supercar...


Former WRC and WRX Champion, Petter Solberg, along with new teammate Johan Kristoffersson were in Sweden to launch their entry for the 2017 World Rallycross Championship in Stockholm.

The pair will be racing under a brand new team, in the new 570HP Polo GTI Supercar which is said to rocket 0-60mph in less than two seconds!

Earlier this year, Solberg took the world by surprise by joining the new team, as his team, PSRX,  which was running a Citroën last season, joined in with Volkswagen Sweden to develop the car that was built by Volkswagen Motorsport.

Although Solberg has won the rallycross title twice, he still has his work cut out for him if he wants to be the number one driver. His new teammate, Johan Kristoffersson, outfinished him in 2nd place last season.

Kristoffersson also seems to be confident that the top spot is likely to be his.

“I’ve been P3 2015, I was P2 2016, and, I mean, in 2017 it would be a nice way to finish on the top spot,” said Kristoffersson. Admittedly, he said that a top spot in the team rankings is his main priority.

Although the car was seeing its public debut, it has been testing, and both drivers say it has been doing quite well.

Solberg also shared his sentiments about the car.

“It is a dream for me,” Solberg said. “We have worked towards this for so long, and now we have made it. It is hard to put into words just how happy I am. Every time I climb out of the car at the end of a test, I do so with a broad grin on my face.”

The only trouble is that the team is running out of time, as the first round of the 2017 WRX season starts on 30th March with the Barcelona RX.


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