Something Old, Something New


Buying a new car is an adventure, whether you’re a first timer or not. If you haven’t bought a car before, you’re going to end up confused by the jargon, lost by the lingo and caught in two minds as to whether you go for old models or new ones. The thing is, buying a car isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It’s important that you do enough thorough research on brands, car makes and car safety before you make a commitment to your purchase.

Checking out the rates of a car loan for a new car or used car loans for cars that are a little battered and bruised will give you very different outcomes. New cars that are shiny and gleaming off the forecourt are always going to be more expensive, but used cars are often going to be cheaper as they have lost their value over time. Choosing whether to buy a new or used car is a big decision, but which way do you go?


  1. Going for a new car can mean the fact that you can buy a car that is made to order. You can spec out a new car in the exact way that you want, and if you can’t afford to go as far as that, you can still find the right interior options and colours that make you happy. It may not all be about the shiny aspect of a new car, but it’s definitely something to think about!
  2. Buying new also means that it’s not used – sounds obvious, right? A new car hasn’t been in any accidents before, has had no mileage, has never been mistreated or had odd parts strapped on. All new cars have a clean history and have never been in a position where they are in any trouble.
  3. The newer models of a car have the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets to make your driving experience perfect for you. You can have your car as one of the newest on the road, making your driving confidence soar.


  1. One of the biggest reasons that people buy used is the cost. Used cars are always going to be cheaper than a new one, and it does give you the chance to get a better model than you’d planned to get in the first place.
  2. Cars lose their appreciation as soon they roll off the lot. With a used car, this doesn’t happen! This is because it’s already lost its original value and you don’t have to panic about chipping the paint as you drive away, either.
  3. Insurance rates are always lower with a used car for the most part. You might still find it pretty high as a new driver if this is your first car, but you should still get yourself a good deal when you shop around. Do your research first though with the model you have in mind – the last thing that you need is a shock.

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