Sorry Americans, No Power Gains for Your Golf R

Unfortunately the facelifted Golf R does not gain any more power in America, but fortunately, the GTI does...


A report by Car and Driver confirms that the 2018 Golf R facelift will be hitting the American market, but sadly, unlike the European version which gets 306HP, it will still have the same 292HP as the base model.

Fortunately though, additional power is the only thing Americans will be losing out on. The updated Golf R will apply to the tweaked looks as well as a new, larger infotainment screen with bigger icons, faster processing, and the like.

Also, with every cloud comes a silver lining. While the Golf R won’t be getting any power gains, the GTI will – a 10HP notch. This means that the standard GTI will be producing the same 220HP as the performance pack.

There’s also further confirmation that the three-door Golf is now dead. This is of course nothing new to South Africans as apart from the GTI Clubsport S, there hasn’t been a three-door Golf. The move, apart from saving a bit of money, is to bring a bit more simplicity to the line. VW might not even make a three-door Mk8 Golf at all.

The stick shift however, remains safe. This is possibly thanks to half of American buyers who opt for the manual gearbox when buying a Golf, the rest of the world should probably learn from them.

Moreover, thanks to Europeans, and possibly even South Africans, where the GTI Clubsport S sold out “immediately”, performance models are also not at risk.

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