Spoiler Alert: You Don’t HAVE To Buy A New Car

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There’s nothing quite like driving off the forecourt in a brand new motor for the first time. It’s a great feeling and is something that most drivers will experience every five years or so. However, you shouldn’t feel forced into changing your motor, especially when you simply upgrade it.


Enhancing the current motor rather than buying a new one offers many selling points. Of course, there are several situations where opting for a newer car is advised. Still, appreciating the reasons (and methods used) to breathe fresh life into the existing vehicle is crucial. Even if you decide against this route, the information will allow you to make a far more informed decision.


Strap yourself in, here’s how and why you should at least consider this alternative option.


Reasons Why


There are many incentives for choosing a revamp rather than an upgrade.  Here are just some of the most important features:


  • You already have a great understanding of your current car. From the handling to the seat position, you’ve already established the most comfortable set up. Quite frankly, this process can often take months when getting a new vehicle. As long as the current model feels comforting and safe, you should not underestimate the benefits of those simple joys.
  • Upgrading and personalizing your car is often a lot cheaper than buying a newer model. Even a decent used car is going to cost a few thousand while a new one will cost upwards of $25,000. Instead of taking on that kind of debt, you could complete an upgrade on the current vehicle using a simple cash advance. When you think about the hike in insurance and other motoring costs too, improving your existing car looks far more attractive.
  • The depreciation rates for new cars are extremely steep. In truth, your new vehicle will be worth less than half of what you paid for it by the time you come to making your next purchase. By extending the lifespan of your current car, the long-term savings will be huge.
  • Aside from the financial hassle, you’ll find that the process of buying a newer car is a drain too. In addition to weighing up the repayment methods, you’ll have to check that the car is as advertised. This can require a lot of work when buying another used car, particularly when a full service history isn’t available. Finally, you may be trapped in a negotiation battle too.
  • If you are selling the existing model, you need to ensure that you get the best sale price possible. Furthermore, there’s always the fear that a private seller may try to ask for a refund later down the line. Even if you’re in the right, the process can be fairly time-consuming, to say the least.
  • The paperwork: no additional explanation needed.


So, those are some of those incentives for choosing to give your current car a little TLC instead. But what are the best ways to go about it?


 The How


No two cars are the same, and no two drivers are identical either. Therefore, it’s always important to find the upgrade job that works best for you. Nonetheless, here are some of the most common methods to help transform your ride for the better.

  • Give your car a fresh new smell by thoroughly cleaning the air vents. This guide should provide you with all the info needed to do it cheaply and quickly. Do it once every year or so, and the vehicle will feel as good as new for generations.
  • Make the interior feel futuristic by investing in the latest tech gadgets. Whether it’s a Sat Nav or parking sensors, those additions can make a vast impact. Not only will it make the car feel as good as the newer ones on the market, but they’ll often aid your daily driving activities too.
  • Change the tires to suit your location and driving habits. This might sound strange, but the right treads for your surroundings will provide a far smoother ride. Just remember to maintain the right air pressure at all times, and your driving experiences will feel smoother than ever.
  • Get a paint job to give the external elements that fresh glow that it deserves. You don’t need to get overly complicated with extreme designs. Simply change from white to red, for example, and it will seem like there’s a new car on the driveway. You should take this opportunity to use a modern paint technique too, as these can remove the need for waxing. This will ensure that the car sparkles for years.
  • Improve the intake and outtake of air. This can be achieved with a new air intake pipe to upgrade air quality and oxygen levels. When combined with a higher flowing exhaust, you’ll find that the entire car gains a stronger performance. In truth, this project can actually leave the car feeling better than even the newest options on the market.
  • Buy new seat covers to increase your comfort behind the wheel. Of course, if the car is extremely old, you may want to look at new seats altogether. Either way, appreciating your human comforts as well as the performance of the car is key.
Mechanic Work Car Maintenance Brakes




There’s certainly nothing wrong with buying a new (or newer car) under the right circumstances. After all, your life may have changed through a new job, new home, or new family arrival. In those cases, a bigger or better vehicle may be necessary.


Likewise, keeping a used car that’s costing too much money through new parts and repair work is a little foolish. Whether it’s for financial reasons or personal reasons, knowing when to make that decision is key. Conversely, though, if your current car is suiting you just fine, it makes sense to stick with it. Let’s face it; there are far greater priorities on your horizon.

Essentially, there is no one right or wrong solution. Hopefully, though, this post will help you realize that there’s no pressure to upgrade. Only do it if it’s right for you.

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