Spy Pics – VW Amarok Single-Cab Pickup Spotted!


At Germany’s Nurburgring, the VW Amarok Pickup was spotted during testing, although this version had a single-cab, whereas, the VW Amarok is normally seen as a crew-cab, short bed pickup. This model is apparently going to be released in 2011 with a rear wheel drive option as well as the usual all wheel and front wheel drives that it currently has. There is a thicker B-pillar which means that there should be more storage space behind the seats or to accommodate more legroom.

This model looks as though it will be more of a working style pickup, but still containing a 163 horsepower 2.0 liters engine. A dual clutch DSG gearbox has been added to join the current 6 speed gearbox. It is unclear whether this VW Amarok version will be released into the North American market. 

Volkswagen Amarok 2011

Volkswagen Amarok 2011

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok 2011

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