Modified Subaru Turned into a Volkswagen Bus Wannabe!


The Volkswagen Bus was an iconic vehicle of the 1960’s and earned several nicknames. The Hippie Van, Love Bus, and the Flower Child Van were some of the most common references that were used. This unique Subaru has been modified to replicate that era and the builder accomplished a remarkable resemblance on the front of the vehicle. This crazy looking miniature van is actually up for sale if you want to be the only one on the block to have one.

The back, sides, and roof emulate a smaller version of a Land Rover or cargo van that is completely different from the front. Folks would have only dreamed of dual siding doors back in the day. The hubcaps kind of go along with the 60’s VW bus theme.

The interior looks similar to that of an old Volkswagen Bus except the steering wheel is on the right. The red vinyl seats also look like they could have been from the same era as a Volkswagen Bus. The shoulder strap seat belts would not have been in a 60’s Volkswagen Bus. They had lap belts or no seat belts at all depending on the specific year.

Normally; when the power plant and drive train specifications are not disclosed it can only mean one thing. That usually means that it is nothing to brag about and the platform of the build is definitely not based on performance.

It can be yours, it’s for sale, and the asking price is only 8,000 US dollars. Maybe someone will buy it and incorporate a unique flower child wrap to make it stand out even more than it already does.

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