Tara’s WRC Inspired VW Polo Gti


Meet Tara, Tara hails all the way from the United Kingdom. Tara is the proud owner of this  smoking hot VW Polo Gti.


Earlier this year, Tara purchased stunning 65plate VW Polo Gti – on its own these pocket rockets bring a smile to any petrolhead but Tara is a Vdubber and started to slowly mod and tune her Polo Gti.  Staring wtih smaller upgrades like blackout Gti badging, smoked rear lamps and then took the plunge with a front facelift.

Tara opted for the classy WRC style front bumper kit, this took her Polo Gti to a whole new look.  There’s no stopping Tara these days and she’s slammed the ride with some coilovers and kept her ride fresh and on point with the latest design Lenso Eagle 2 alloy wheels. Tara already has plans to modify rear camber and eventually save up for the obligatory air ride suspension. Because Bags right?

Tara’s 1.8Turbo churns out 192bhp and she’s hoping to remapp it a bit for some added kick.

In her spare time she runs a local Polo 6R/6C car group, check out Tara’s instagram for more Polo inspiration! https://www.instagram.com/tarashuard/

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