The Four-Seater VW Twin Up!


VW is up with another upgrade in its one of the models and it is at the Tokyo Motor Show just a few days ago that the company introduced its new upgrade to the world. The new upgrade by VW is transforming the hyper efficient diesel-hybrid powertrain from its XL1 tandem two-seater to the new four-seater Twin Up by installing it in the Up! city car. The Twin Up is a pretty hatchback with 214 miles per gallon on the European cycle and can be named as another version of the XL1.

The differences between the previous model and its upgrade version are quite few, and most of the things are kept just the same. The notable difference between the new and old versions is the four seater arrangement which was two seater before. The 1.2-inch extension of the front overhang is another change fund in the Twin Up! and that was required just to make space for the diesel engine, seven-speed DSG transmission and electric motor. What’s more, the Twin Up! has 8.7 gallons of fuel carrying capacity and an 8.6 kWh battery in comparison to the 2.6-gallon fuel tank and 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack of the XL1, respectively. Other than that, there are the same two-cylinder, 35kW electric motor and 800cc diesel engine as the XL1.

Hence, there is not much difference between the XL1 and the Twin Up! But if the seating capacity is the thing that matters then Twin Up! is the right choice for you.

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