The Volkswagen Beetle: Dub Chat Talk Show Ad



The Latest Dub Chat Talk Show Ad presented the Volkswagen Beetle identifying its difference with respect to its prior versions and pointing out the strengths of the car in comparison to other models.

The Volkswagen Beetle is said to have the most interesting track record in the long historical heritage of rally auto crossing and drag racing. Some may find this amusing and interesting considering the Beetle’s size how it is seen as close to vintage at the present, but it was pretty efficient even in the past.

There are three words which sum up the Volkswagen Beetle- Style, Fun and Freedom. Beetle’s style goes sleeker, bolder and more iconic design when we talk about the  looks and appearance. The bold lines and drop roof would also give justice to how stylish the Beetle is. Making it a convertible as well as sportier not only in look but also in performance makes the new Beetle fun both in look and performance. And lastly, the freedom part of Beetle is reflected by the modern features and specifications for which the engine, platform and transmission are fused with.

The Beetle runs on a TSI turbocharged engine which kicks to 200 horsepower. And it is easy to know how much turbo boosts the engine with the help of the Dash-mounted boost gauge. Supported by DSG performance transmission which enables the driver to make lightning quick shifts, the Beetle is definitely a car of the present in contrast to its esteemed reputation as a vintage car.

In the past, old Beetles were famous for participating in contests which has the goal of having more people fit in the car. Using the Beetle in the present will have an advantage considering the fact that it has more room in the rear. But what caught the people in awe is the improved interior of the car and the economy TDI diesel engine which enable the engine to use more affordable gas than other type of fuel offered in the market.

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