Top 10 Modern Vdubs


When luxury meets artistry and a whole lot of technology as well as creativity, Volkswagen models become luxurious, edgier as well as personal but most of all, ready for anything. Here are some of the best Volkswagen tuning treatments that could inspire you to have your own Volkswagen tuned.

• MCCHIP prepared a new package for Scirocco that contains new software as well as a more efficient exhaust system. It’s 2.0 turbo with 246hp and 346Nm.

• At the Essen Motor Show, a new variation of Scirocco was presented called the Police model.

• JE Design created a new body kit. It comprises a spoiler, as well as side sills and also a rear spoiler.  6.6-seconds for 0-100km/h and has a maximum speed of 242km/h.

• The known German tuner Hofele offers a wide-body kit for the Royster GT460. This is a mean variation for the VW Touareg.

• Named after the great ape King Kong, this Touareg is big, strong, and hard. It has a 3.0 turbodiesel engine and is best for a laid back travel.

• JE Design again made a great car with a facelift on the  Touareg using their wide body kit. Aside from the exceptional exterior, they also used new rims, and LED illumination. The interior is sorted too.

• This Touareg is the R5 and has been given a performance boost to increase power to 152kW / 206bhp.

• MR Car Design redesigned the Scirocco by adding their best bits. The power rises to 370hp and 519Nm. The exhaust system of the car was also back pressure optimized, manually welded and is made of high grade steel. The team also enhanced the brake system.

• Using a gull wing door plates from LSD, a sportier and edgier Scirocco was created. This is Type 13 and is a real head turner. The doors are equipped with the Guided Roller System that provides additional safety, as well as precision when opening and closing the door. The doors also fulfill the quality standards of the German Technological Board.

• Another Volkswagen tuning wonder, the Touareg was enhanced using a 3.0 diesel engine.  With the addition of the Power S, it increases the diesel power to 225hp/165Kw.

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