Updated Mk7 Golf Fast Approaching



Not so long ago there was a news flash about  Volkswagen soon releasing an updated version of the Golf. And now with the confirmed release date fast approaching, even “around the corner” sounds like a delay because the new Mk7 Golf is basically just counting hours before its official release.

Since it was first launched in 2012, the Mk7 has built quite a reputation for itself, boasting a few honours to its name. This is actually the first Golf to have an all-electric variant, the first Volkswagen to ride on the MQB, and if you think the Golf is all about being all green and sensible then you’re wrong. Thanks to the GTI Clubsport S which celebrates the GTI’s 40th anniversary, the Golf is also currently the fastest front-wheel drive production car ever to lap the Nurburgring.


So there we have it, the Mk7 Golf is quite a special car indeed in that it covers just about everything you’d want in a car. Whether you’re a sensible family man, an Eco-mentalist, or a hardcore petrolhead and only care about how much fun a car can dish out, there is certainly a Golf for you.

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