Vdub Reader’s Ride: Jesse’s Sporty 2002 VW Golf


One of our readers, Jesse Moodley sent us these pics of his modified 2002 VW Golf which he has worked on over the years to improve its performance. The original storm beige color 1.4i was reworked to bring up the power to 87 kW, but believing that more was possible, he decided to toss the original bottom end and stick on a 2e instead. Keeping the head 1400, the 276 cam and the exhaust, the power was now up to 101 kW.

Last year, Moodley added a 1.8 r line head, a 288 cam, individual throttle bodies which boosted the power to 119.6 kW. With these improvements, he entered the Margate Drags in KZN in 2009 and ran his Vdub at an impressive best time of 14.6 quarter mile. The styling aspect saw Moodley lower the ride, and add on some new rims, but he firmly believes in this regard, “less is always more”.

Thanks for sharing your Vdub with us Jesse!






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