Vdub Readers Ride: Noor’s Rare Mk3. Hmmmm….


Noor Abrahams has a hot car, many Vdub fans actually know this.  Why?  Well because he’s pretty damn handy with a camera so once he snaps some cool pics, they do the rounds on e-mail and internet forums.  The cars is instantly recognizable, it’s a ’95 Mk3 GTi 3-door with an impressive spec list.

On the looks front, there’s a Euro-smooth front bumper for VR6 Highline model, Mk4 Cabriolet smooth side rub strips, Mk4 Cabriolet stubby mirrors, late-spec Euro front fenders, Euro-spec VR6 front spoiler, Hella Mk4 for Mk3 headlights, FK crystal clear/red tail lights, Mk3 CL rear windscreen, removed rear roof spoiler, JOM 2-fin debadged grille, a tilt/slide Webasto sunroof, removed side skirts and fender arches, debadged rear from badge and wiper, fenders completely rolled, full respray in Arctic white, Traxxion coil-overs, BBS RV208 on Dunlop SP7000D rubber fitted with 7mm spacers on rear wheels.

And then there’s other stuff too like an aluminium strut-brace, a chip and a Powerflow system.  The interior is sweeeeeeet too.  There’s a Momo Fighter zebrano wood/leather steeringwheel, a Momo Race Air leather gearknob, Audi TT aluminium pedals, Mk4 Cabriolet chrome handbrake lever, seats covered in Valcona brown leather, rear Mk3 headrests, a Sony CDX-M850MP head-unit, Macrom splits and a Bazooka 10″ bass-tube with built-in amplifier.

This car is super sexy.  It’s full of subtle styling cues, it’s done so well the mods need to be pointed out to you – that’s impressive!  We like this car, and we can’t wait for more pics from Noor either.

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