Vdub Readers Ride Ziyaad’s 2.8 Citi


Ziyaad Jagot sent through pics of his 2.8i Citi.  Yes, I know that sounds strange, but that’s only because he doesn’t use the more common term of a Mk1 VR6.  Ziyaad says: “Ever since I first heard the gurgle of a VR6 back in primary school, I always dreamed of owning one.  As the years went by, the passion only grew stronger, I became obsessed with the idea of a transversely mounted, narrow angled six-cylinder.” I can safely say he’s not alone in his plight, there are many who feel this way, but not everyone actually does something about it.  He continues “Then I went bonkers… completely nuts!  How about the weight of a Mk1 equipped with the smoothness and refinement of a VR6?”  That’s just what he created!

The Mk1 obviously features the sweet sounding VR6 lump but the extra make it even cooler.  It’s been fitted with new pistons, a Gotech management system, a NEX coilover suspension (damper adjustable), VR6 brakes upfront,  a complete s/steel 76mm exhaust system, 17″ ATS Aqui rims coated in black, red and white, and a customised intake manifold (matching the rims).  He says: The car is smooth and refined on cruising, scud missile when booted!”  We believe every word he says!

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