Volkswagen 2015 Passat is Unveiled


Another month passes; another car is unveiled. This week, the new Passat has been disclosed for public view. VW have become the masters in releasing reliable and sturdy cars. The new Passat is no exception.

While the Passat may not have the appeal of the Golf or the Beetle, it certainly isn’t a car to be underappreciated. The newer model, set for release in 2015, has a whole host of tech options. What is more, it provides the VW standard that many people crave.

Let’s take a look at the 2015 Passat in depth.


The Classic Family Car 

The Passat has always been popular as a family car. With safety features in abundance, it is the perfect family saloon. But, despite its family-friendly tag, it has always outdone its rivals in terms of looks. The whole car itself is somewhat classier than its rivals. It’s a great family car, with plenty of room for the kids and the shopping.

The new Passat is set to be something of a phenomenon. There is a budget range of Passat’s on the market and a premium range too. As stated by Carco Group, there are over 1.1 million VW Passat sold each year. It’s a popular model, and the 2015 version will not disappoint.

The Look of the new Passat

The new look Passat isn’t entirely new. It is slightly smaller than its predecessors, but there is still plenty of legroom in the car. It is lower, so it looks sportier. It is wider, which enables it to handle well. The chassis and component sharing system are perfect on the Passat. This results in a lower weight. With a lower weight come lower petrol costs. This is a great incentive for families that want a fuel efficient car. It seems that VW have put the customers need, at the forefront once again. A clear customer focus has become synonymous with Volkswagen of late. No wonder people clamber over themselves to own one.

Specs Appeal

The latest Passat is sure not to disappoint the masses. It will only be released in a diesel version, so avid petrol heads may have to rethink their fuel options.

With a 1.6 litre option, you are afforded a whopping 118 BHP. The 2.0 litre will have a 148BHP or 187BHP depending on the version.

A bit-turbo 237BHP version will be afforded to some of the 2.0 litre models. This comes with four-wheel drive and a seven-speed twin clutch. The automatic gearbox is proving to be an attractive and welcome feature, too. It seems that the Passat has it all.

The 2.0 litre engine will be the quietest of the available models too. This is perfect for those with younger children.

The Interior

The interior of the Passat is unique. It has a larger dashboard that curves with the frame of the car. There are also all of the mod cons and tech that one would expect from a new car set to be released in 2015.

It seems that VW has done it again. A great quality Passat at a low price.

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