Volkswagen Amarok Pick up Vehicle



Volkswagen has always been in news for its top-notch cars. Volkswagen introduced a new line of cars boasting robust pickup in 2007. This category is also known as the Off Road family of vehicles. The Volkswagen Amarok is included in the said new line of cars. Amarok means Wolf in the Inuit language.

The Volkswagen Amarok is actually a pickup truck which has three Driveline concepts to choose from. One can either choose rear drive wheel, shiftable four motion or permanent four motion. The rear drive wheel is the usual drive concept used in cars. The shiftable four motion concept would provide options for drivers to shift from front to rear axles and back to front. The permanent four motion on the other hand has a 40:60 ratio for the controls on the front and rear axles. This gives people choice on which drive concept they are most comfortable with. In addition to the different drive concepts, there are also three existing versions of the said model. The first one is the base version which has 16-inch steel wheels, Trendline has 17-inch steel wheels and Highline has 18-inch steel wheels.

Amarok has TDI diesel engine which is the essential part of any Volkswagen cars. The difference, however, is that the said engine is tuned more for torque and possess less power compared to other engines. The climate controls are automatic, adjustable front seats and high tech door locking system. This model is available in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, North America, Russia, South Africa and South America. There may be plans of manufacturing in other places but basically the model can be bought in these areas of the world.

Volkswagen Amarok is an intuitive and innovative pick up-vehicle that boasts intelligent design. It looks like a car from the front and truck from the rear. It doesn’t slouch on bumpy roads and ordinary highways. Ample load bed and spacious cabin of Amarok could only be achieved with the excellent German engineering.

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