Volkswagen announces plans to introduce 14 new electric models by next year


Volkswagen is intensifying its electric car drive. The company announces plans to introduce 14 new electric models by 2014. In fact, with sufficient demand, the company even plans to electrify as many as 40 new models with alternative drivetrain, as per Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.

The 14 models that VW is planning to electrify by next year would be from several Group brands offering electric or hybrid technology. Volkswagen has its eyes rolling in gaining the worldwide leadership of electric car market.

Dr. WinterKorn stated that VW is strongly positioned with a very comprehensive approach to electric mobility and the broad range the VW possesses can hardly be matched by any other automaker. , Volkswagen is, in fact, electrifying all vehicle classes. VW wants to add new customers, and electric vehicles are the right way to do so.

EVs being safe, reasonable and good for daily use are attracting new customers worldwide. Moreover, with new and interesting models like e-Up, e-Golf, e-tron plugin hybrid from Audi A3, and e-Hybrid model of Porsche Panamera S, the interest of people in EVs and Hybrid models is escalating.

Dr. Winterkorn stated that the company has requited over 400 top experts to develop the electric motor drive and also appointed over 70,000 employees to work for the new technology in different fields.

Moreover, a significant share of the over seven billion euros that the company spends each year on R&D goes to the electric mobility development drive. This proves that VW is aware of the gaining momentum of the global market of electric vehicles and hybrid cars. Unlike the earlier prediction made by Dr. Winterkorn in 2009 saying that EVs won’t have a majority market share for another 15-20 years, the situation has changed dramatically in five years thereby forcing the company to change the tune.


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