Volkswagen Beetle GSR delivers extra 160PS


Volkswagen Beetle GSR

Volkswagen Beetle GSR appeared for the European market in the year 1973. The model was nicknamed the ‘Yellow-Black Racer’. The car was based on the Volkswagen’s Beetle 1303 S.  The acronym ‘GSR’ means ‘Gelb-Schwarze Renner’ in German, whose translation is ‘Gold-Black Racer’. The company made just 3,500 of the original 1973 models.

Volkswagen Beetle GSR appears with a 210PS petrol turbo engine. It has been launched for the UK. Well, the company has planned to produce and market just 100 models for the UK.

If we have a look at the 1973 model, we would see that the bonnet and the bootlid of the Beetle were dabbed in matt black. The old version had yellow and black linings underneath the side windows and above the door sills.

The new Beetle GSR has black colored bonnet, the bootlid, the roof and the exterior mirror trims. Black/yellow stripes with ‘GSR’ lettering appear at the side sills. New R-Line design can be seen in the Yellow colored painted bumpers.

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