Volkswagen CC sports sedan To Get a New Look!


Attention all you car lovers out there!!! If you are bored using the same old car, just add a tinge of cordiality to your personality with the new face of Volkswagen: The 2013 Volkswagen CC sports sedan. The car will be unveiled next year at the New Hampshire Volkswagen dealership Quirk Volkswagen. Though 2012 Passat and 2011 Jetta may be yielding the maximum attention nowadays, but just looking ahead, 2013 Volkswagen CC sports sedan is expected to come with a big bang. I have been a CC’s styling fan since it has come into existence and so will eagerly look forward for this new model.

The latest commercial visage Volkswagen CC sports sedan is expected to have a slightly revised front fascia accompanied by new wheel choices. The CC’s most likely to have a squared-off frontage. The rear end design of the car would perhaps remain the same. The four-tier center grill is another distinctive feature along with new-fangled air dam and foglight arrangements, rangy headlights and a yanked interior layout. The earlier CC versions presented in years 2008 and 2009 have already set high standards by their sales figure and the 2013 Volkswagen is all set to maintain this record.

So all you people out there wanting to get a new look with a new car just wait for the debut of 2013 Volkswagen CC sports sedan and I am sure you won’t regret.


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