Volkswagen e-Golf first drive


Der neue Volkswagen e-up! und der neue Volkswagen e-Golf
Manufacturers around the world are embracing two approaches to Plug-in vehicles. Some manufacturers are choosing to enclose the technology in ultramodern car bodies, whereas there are others who are opting to normalize the process by fitting the new technology to an existing vehicle. The Volkswagen e-Golf is a car that fits in the second category where latest technology is fitted to an existing car.

The e-Golf is using an unfamiliar technology and fits it into a familiar vehicle, which might be loved by some consumers, while some might find it disappointing. But in case of this popular German hatchback, it is the case of choosing a new drivetrain. The e-Golf with its new technology and aerodynamic grille is looking more like a Bluemotion. However, the e-Golf comes with all-LED headlights and unique bumper.

In terms of equipment level, the e-Golf is based on the mid-spec SE, which means the vehicle comes with EV-specific navigation, parking sensors, and dual zone climate control as standard kit. It is expected that the £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant might bring the price of the car a bit down.

The e-Golf is powered by an 113bhp electric motor connected to a 24.2kWh battery. The e-Golf operates like a conventional automatic and runs smoothly with the familiar and comfortable feeling of the Golf.

On pressing the throttle hard, the motor of the e-Golf delivers a surge of electric acceleration, which can be managed through Eco and Eco+ driving modes. These modes also limit power output along with controlling speed and air conditioning.

The German company claims a range of 80 to 118 miles and the car can be charged with the help of a three-pin socket or a dedicated charging point. It takes about 8 to 13 hours to charge the car by using the included cables. Though, the e-Golf is not a perfect car for long-distances, it is definitely a good car for what it is.

However, it is expected that the car might get outshined by the 202bhp Golf GTE plug-in hybrid, which will be unveiled next year. The e-Golf can be best used as a good company car for urban drivers.

The price of the e-Golf starts from £25,845 after £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant.

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