Volkswagen e-Golf Set for Canadian Debut



Great news to those Canadians who are both Golf enthusiasts and Eco-mentalists. The Volkswagen e-Golf is finally heading to Canada for the first time ever!

The Canadian e-Golf is set to arrive in summer, but it will come ready for the country’s unforgiving winters and its people’s “garrison mentality”, as VW Vortex reports.

The Canadian-spec e-Golf will be able to keep its occupants warm without affecting the range. It will make use of a heat pump, which takes the drivetrain heat and ambient heat from the surrounding air and then sending it into the cabin. According to VW Canada, this will help give the car more than 30% more range in cold weather.

What’s even better is that with the help of a feature called the e-manager, you can start warming up the inside of your e-Golf before even getting into the car. Similar to a remote car-starter, it allows you to set the cabin temperature from outside, only the car will have to be plugged into the grid but by the time you climb in, it will be warm and ready.

If that still doesn’t suffice, the Canadian e-Golf will also come with heated seats. The EV is set to make its Canadian debut at the Montreal Auto Show on January, 20 2017.

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