Volkswagen eT! Commercial Vehicle Concept


Volkswagen-eT-1Volkswagen has ruled the world for almost 60 years with its range of commercial vehicles. They have helped us immensely in day-to-day life. Volkswagen Group Research jointly with the German Post Office one of the largest clientele of lightweight commercial vehicles led to a completely new vehicle concept for the delivery and logistics field: eT!


It seems like Volkswagen finds the exclamation concept quite lucky for them. First they launched a series of Up! concept cars with the exclamation mark at the end and now they have come up with this new concept eT! The first and foremost highlighting feature of the eT! is the zero emission powertrain. Other outstanding feature is that the car can be operated semi-automatically which means that it can drive by itself in certain ways. One more fun feature of eT! is its ability to retort to the driver’s voice commands! Amazing isn’t it. One has to just give the instructions and the car follows the same.


Another option is also available where the driver can direct the car’s movements via a ‘drive stick’ from the passenger’s side. The electrically opening sliding door opens to 2 different steps which this enables speedy entry into the vehicle as well as quick access to the mail parcels. On the technical aspects, the Volkswagen eT Concept equips with electric wheel hub motors which the electricity has been generated from renewable energy sources. The eT! has a flexible design and be transformed for all plausible business uses.


Volkswagen has always showed great concern towards being eco-friendly and eT! brings it just one step ahead. Lets hope for the success of eT!

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