Volkswagen EVs Might Be Nearing Mass Production


vw budd-e concept

More news on Volkswagen’s plan to produce electrified vehicles to the mass market were revealed as the brand’s global sales and marketing boss Jurgen Stackmann spoke to Autocar last weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

To start with, Stackmann told the UK car magazine that a range of 180 to 280 miles is the tipping point for Volkswagen’s sales for their future range of EVs. VW Vortex adds that this will eliminate the anxiety for those doubtful of the range in electrified vehicles. According to Stackmann, Volkswagen will need a 60kWh battery to achieve this.

There are also rumours of Volkswagen building factories for their stream of EVs, this as VW Vortex says, could lead to an economy of scales where electrified vehicles are affordable enough for mass production. Stackmann also confirmed that the cost of electrified vehicles will decrease, this will surely level the playing field between EVs and internal combustion vehicles.

While Matthias Müller predicted that in ten years, Volkswagen would be selling more than 3-million EVs which could make up a quarter of all sales, Stackmann predicts that EV sales could rather rise to as much as 45% which is about the same as the current diesel sales, as VW Vortex reports.

Stackmann, however, told Autocar that diesel will remain a strong part of the offering, especially regarding long distance driving. But he also said that there is a possible market segment where there’s no diesel vehicles, leaving petrol and electrified vehicles only.


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