Volkswagen Forms ECU Partnership with Infineon

Stepping into the future; Volkswagen has announced its partnership with Infineon Technologies

Image credit: VW Vortex

As part of carrying out its plan to drive the company into the future, Volkswagen has established a partnership with German semi-conductor supplier, Infineon Technologies.

“We as a partner look forward to co-operating even more closely with Volkswagen,” says President of Infineon’s Automotive Division, Peter Schiefer. “High-performance semi-conductors are key to the future car. With our products, vehicles of every class will soon be fully automated and purely electric.”

VW Vortex says that the partnership will see Volkswagen and Infineon working together from as early as the design stage to build ECUs. Working together from such an early stage, the two companies hope that the ECUs will be tailor-made to suit Volkswagen’s needs for the future.

“Future joint development tools, such as virtual prototyping systems, will make it possible to further reduce development times, despite the continual increase in system complexity,” says Volkswagen’s head of electronic development, Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger.

For Volkswagen, this is only the start of such partnerships. As part of the TRANSFORM 2025+ plan, Volkswagen’s mission to turn cars into mobile devices will require more partnerships such as these.

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