Are Volkswagen Going To Change the Driverless Game


We’ve all heard about driverless cars. They promise so much, and they’re actually change the nature of driving almost completely once they’re fully rolled out, whenever that might be. So far, most mentions of this type of technology have been confined to Google and Apple, the two tech heavyweights who are both working on their own versions. However, Volkswagen recently put their own hat into the ring, when during the Geneva Motor Show they announced ‘Sedric’. Will it take off? Let’s take a look.


Compared with the Others

There’s one crucial big difference between Volkswagen’s Sedric and those envisioned by Apple and Google, and that is that the Sedric is going to operate as something like a taxi service. You’ll hail the car from your smartphone and then it’ll appear. You’ll jump in, tell it where you want to go, then travel in spacious comfort as you unwind in the lounge style interior. When you arrive, you jump out and that’s it! This differs to the models being planned by other companies, which will be individually owned.


A Car For Everyone

One of the biggest selling points for the Sedric is that they’ll make the roads safer and more accessible for people who usually can’t go on the roads. The elderly, young drivers, and infirm are more likely to be involved in an auto wreck than other drivers, but the Sedric will mean they’re able to “drive” around town safely. When unveiled, the accessibility of the Sedric was hailed nearly as much as the technology itself. Indeed, the car is not intended to be a badge of pride or status symbol, but merely a functional and safe way for people to get from A to B.



The limitations of Volkswagen’s car are more or less the same as the limitations of every other unveiled car, and that is: no one is quite sure how or if it’ll work. For sure, there’s going to be a messy transition period. When these cars first come on to the road, they’ll emphasize safety too strongly and will most likely cause delays. But here Volkswagen have an advantage in that there will be fewer of their vehicles on the road than Google or Apple have.


Going Nowhere Fast


There is a touch of bad news, though, that might dampen your enthusiasm for the Sedric. It’s unfortunately just a concept car, which means it’ll likely be a long time before we see it on the road, if indeed we see it at all. So we don’t recommend getting rid of your current car just yet!


The Future


With that being said, driverless cars will definitely be on the way sooner rather than later, though the initial push probably will come from Apple and Google. Once the laws have been updated to reflect the new vehicles we’ll quickly see offerings from all the other major car companies, including Volkswagen. But you might want to check back in 5 years or so, once all the kinks have been worked out….

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