Volkswagen Golf 2.0 GTD 5dr Review


golf 2.0

The diesel version of the ultimate Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Golf 2.0 GTD 5dr is finally out for its fans, and a set of new and improved features have given the new version a new look, certainly. At the foremost, the cut in the tailpipe emissions is a must mention as it has made the car more suitable for people with a result in  increase in its order.

Moreover, the corporate drivers are expected to be benefitted  lot as through the 109g/km, the costs to occur in the maintenance of the model is sure to go down and in addition to that, there will be manual transmission provisions too in the latest GTD model. So, the low cost and the better performance is sure to brighten up the faces of the corporate drivers of the Volkswagen Golf.

The business development manager Claire English believes that with this level of performance they are to do a good business, and the model possesses great possibilities of topping the list of influencing cars. She further adds that they have undergone a great progress in the reduction of fleets which used to be a 160g/km cap three years ago. They are reducing the fleets every year, and at present they have reached a state of 120-130g/km and this indicates a strong boost in power output.

Some of the notable new and striking look factors of the Volkswagen Golf 2.0 GTD 5dr compromises of bi-xenon headlamps, rear diffuser, side skirts, smoked LED rear lights, a roof spoiler, tartan sports seats inside, stainless steel pedals, a black roof liner, sports steering wheel and ‘golf ball’ gear lever etc. The latest model shows a £500 price rise but that is sensible with the addition of the 18-inch wheels, the range of active safety features and the adaptive cruise control. Consequently, the Volkswagen Golf 2.0 GTD 5dr costs £25,885 at present.

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