The Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5

Small changes, but at the right places...


Volkswagen made no secret of the fact that it would be debuting the 2018 Golf this week at the New York International Auto Show, and they have.

As expected from a Golf facelift, not much has changed from the current model. The 2018 version is still unmistakably an Mk7 Golf, only its body lines have seen a slight rework to make it look a bit more athletic.

The facelifted Golf also has a more vertical tailgate, somehow making it look like it’s coiling and ready to pounce. Then there’s the grille, which follows into the headlights, giving the front end more aerodynamic-looking lines.

Under the bonnet, all GTIs, including the Performance Packs, will produce 164kW (220hp). Most other Golf’s, meanwhile, are said to make the same power.

It may look like Volkswagen were a hit lazy with the facelift work, but the small changes they have done, are the right changes.

Possibly the most significant change in the Golf is in the interior where Volkswagen’s new, attractive infotainment screen makes a big and warm welcome. And not only does the new system work well, the screen looks better, giving the Golf a more expensive taste on the inside.

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