Volkswagen has future plans for next generation Phaeton



When Volkswagen introduced the full-size luxury sedan-Phaeton- it was believed that it is the ultimate luxury car from the German automaker. However, reports now state that VW development chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser is of the view that the company has plans for an all-new next generation Phaeton.

The all-new Phaeton, it seems, would turn out to be a good business case and would serve as a test-bed for including latest technologies into production and putting them in the bandwagon of more mass market Volkswagen vehicles.

Neusser further stated that the business case for the BlueSport roadster was not so convincing. And in most probability the two-seater car will not make it to production. However, the VW development chief said that though he personally like the idea of the two-seater BlueSport, but the segment and its market is very small.

The development chief also asked audiences to wait for many more Volkswagen plug-in models along with the Phaeton. These models would include both hybrids and full electrics ones.

Neusser is of the view that a day will come when almost every Volkswagen model will offer a plug-in variant. In the full electric segment, he expects great innovations in 2016, which according to him will allow 50 percent more range as compared to present electrics.

There is another breakthrough expected in 2020, which will allow triple range as compared to most electric cars. According to him, by 2020 there might be mass-market adoption of electric cars.

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