Dylan’s Volkswagen Jetta 5


One of our readers, Dylan Naidu from Gauteng shared his story of Volkswagen Jetta with us. He bought the standard Jetta 5 2.0TFSI two years ago. He replaced the standard 17″ rims with a set of 19″ Helios.

He took the help of Yosh from Dark Artz Performance to add Downpipe, Cai, Intercooler and HPFP with Unitronic software. As he wasn’t able to enjoy the standard ride, so he asked Rob from Volksie spares to install Koni coilovers.

He has not yet completed the modifications but is planning to add a few interior as well as exterior changes.

Volkswagen Jetta 5 comes with the same 147 kW direct-injection (FSI) four-cylinder that powers the new Golf GTi model. The rear seat sports split-folds and ski-port. Beneath the boot floor is a complete-size spare tyre, including alloy wheel.

Thanks to our reader Dylan Naidu for sharing the pics!

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