Volkswagen launches teaser on GTI Vision Gran Turismo in a new clip


After BMW dropping details on their new virtual car for Gran Turismo 6, it is the turn of German carmaker Volkswagen to launch details of its vision on the Gran Turismo series.  Volkswagen released its teaser in the form of a video to showcase its drivable in-game concepts.

Looking at the clip that is released by VW, we can expect that the concept would be based on GTI.   

As the clip starts, we see two VW designers on piloting GTIs racing in GT6 against each other. You can also see each generation of Golf moving quickly on the racetrack rendered by computer graphics.

Shortly, you see the first designer Malte Hammerbeck, who is VW exterior designer turning to his opponent, exterior designer Domen Rucigaj, to ask with which GTI he should beat him for the next game.

While this is on, they are interrupted by Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen design head, who in turn challenge them to design a new model for Vision Gran Turismo 6 series. The two designers immediately drop controllers and starts working on it by beginning to sketch the new model. The sketch doesn’t depict much except for a front valance along with a wireframe CG model.

However, the reports say that the concept is the third Vision Gran Turismo vehicle which is in line with the Mercedes-Benz Vision GT and BMW Vision GT.

The clip portrays another drivable concept car that was digitally rendered, which is the Toyota FT-1. The portrayal of this car is likely an indirect preview of the next Supra.

It is expected that the German automaker will reveal its Vision Gran Turismo entry on Friday, May 23.



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