Volkswagen may make an all-electric successor to the Phaeton


VW Phaeton

Since it first hit production back in 2002, the VW Phaeton has been holding Volkswagen’s seat in the premium sedan market. Sadly, it’s now been axed and this means it’s no longer possible to get Bentley’s level of luxury in a Volkswagen, or does it? Because every cloud has a silver lining, there are rumours of the full size luxury sedan going electric.

German publication Auto Bild reports that a company spokesperson recently said “The Phaeton is and will remain an essential project for Volkswagen.” Moreover, rumours also suggest that the Phaeton successor’s all-electric powertrain will be developed alongside the Porsche Mission E!

VW Vortex reports that these rumours came after Volkswagen announced that the “Transparent Factory” where the Phaeton was born, will be repurposed and will now serve as a showcase for their latest technologies, focusing on “electromobility and digitalization” as they call it.

Despite the Phaeton’s discontinuation, Volkswagen is still in the premium sedan market in China with the VW Phideon we reported on not so long ago, which is set to be launched sometime this year.

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