Volkswagen Red Hot MK1 GTi Golf


A number of cars are rolled out every year, but only a few manage to capture the entire market. Volkswagen Golf GTi is one such car that stole the market since its launch .  It was in early 80s that Golf came into picture. Since that time till today, the car has evolved a lot and a lot of mind blowing versions have come out. These luxury laden cars boasting full safety were highly anticipated by the car enthusiasts.

One of our readers shared his experience with his old model of golf. This model doesn’t give him much trouble. His car has a few scratches and cracks in the bumpers but it is adding up to the charisma. To make it work well, he did the motor over last year, replaced every single internal part of the motor and decided to spice it up a little and bored it to a 2 litre, put in 82.5mm pistons and a 2 liter steel crank.

The striking thing that he pointed out was that most of the people don’t believe that the car has the original paint. It was just touched up here and there by the 1st owner. The interior is of standard quality. It just has a normal sound system with some 6×9’s and splits in the doors. Taking a closer look we would find that there are no airbags, pre-tensioning seat belts, cup holders or air conditioning systems.

Thanks Mehboob for sending the pics and sharing your experience.


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