Volkswagen Reveals its Super Bowl Ad 2014 – ‘Wings’


Super Bowl 2014 broadcast has churned out some very memorable ads over the decades. Some brands are, in fact, highly reputed in terms of creating hugely popular and memorable commercials. Budweiser beer is one such brand that has gained the repute of offering remarkable commercials and in the recent times, Volkswagen has also gained quite popularity.

Though, the German auto maker took several years, but it made a huge mark in 2011 with its “Star Wars”-themed ad at the Super Bowl called “The Force”. The auto giant has now released their spot for this year’s model.

The ad that is all of 60-second shows a father – daughter duo driving a Volkswagen where the father points out to the daughter that the odometer of their car is about to reach 100,000 miles. As the girl remain unimpressed, the father says that every time a Volkswagen reaches this ground-breaking mileage, a German engineer grows wings.

The rest is very simple for anyone to guess as to what happens next.

Volkswagen ads are very different from other car makers because though their ads are clearly about the car, they also focus on people rather than sticking to the car. In this latest spot, the company claims that they have maximum number of vehicles on the road with over 100,000 miles. However, it is also interesting to see the father-daughter dynamic which viewers will relate too in this ad. It is also interesting to see odd things happening as people suddenly sprout wings.

A teaser called “Algorithm,” follows the full spot, which Volkswagen released last week.


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