Volkswagen Sale in Western Europe fell 0.5 Percent in July



The largest car maker of the Europe, the Volkswagen Ag recently announced that the global sales of the company’s car fell 0.5 percent in July to 466,100 vehicles. As stated by the company this fall in the sale is due to weak demand in Western Europe. The fall in the sales is notable, and the company says that excluding German, the home market of the brand, this downfall is 6.8 per cent to 492,400 vehicles and the year- to-date sales are up 4 percent to 3.38 million vehicles.

The car market is showing a pretty bad business in the recent time as the car sales over all shows a fall of 5.6 percent last month. In Germany it fell 4.7%, in France  8.4% and In Italy it is 5.5%. It is only UK hat is showing a little better sale with more than 162,000 new cars registered for sale in July 2013, which means 12.7% rise on the figure of July 2012.

The sales Chief of Volkswagen Christian Klingler states that they are currently keeping a close eye on the development of car sales in the global automotive markets. Due to this slow sale of vehicles and the downfall of the profits, unemployment too is rising in the automotive industry. An example of this casualty is closing of a car manufacturing factory in France and cutting the employment of 8000 workers in France’s Peugeot last month.

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