6 Reason To Choose Volkswagen Service Center Over an Auto Shop

Not sure where to have your Volkswagen serviced?


If you now own a Volkswagen and aren’t sure if it would be wiser to opt for a Volkswagen service center for general maintenance appointments (e.g., tire rotation, oil change) and repairs or to refer to an auto shop, I’ll make the option easier for you.

Here’s why you should choose a Volkswagen service center over any ole auto shop:

1.     Volkswagen service centers specialize in Volkswagen models.

Let’s face it, every brand and model has its own quirks. Some manufacturers intentionally make it difficult to access the battery, air filters, and other parts of your vehicle with the hope that you’ll take it to their manufacturer-run service center.

Even going to get a simple oil change can be dragged out if you take it to a regular auto shop where hired staff may have difficulty navigating around your car model. (Yes, really.)

However, taking your vehicle to a Volkswagen service center, you’ll encounter highly-trained staff who know all the workarounds of not just Volkswagen vehicles on a broad scale but your specific model. This can ensure that things get done quickly and effortlessly. No extended wait times or being turned away because the staff just don’t “understand” your vehicle.

2.   Initially, your service may be covered under a warranty.

While many auto shops may honor your third-party warranty, don’t count on it. While it’s true that auto shops tend to offer lower prices, why not just go to a Volkswagen service center where they are guaranteed to accept your car’s warranty?

Not just that, but many manufacturers allow complimentary service up to a certain timeframe or until your vehicle is driven up to so many miles. For Volkswagen, they offer a People First Warranty that allows free care maintenance up to a whopping six years or 72,000 miles driven – whichever comes first.

Volkswagen service centers want you to come to one of their specialized shops, and while you may think it’s all about building a customer-manufacturer bond and getting more money on their end, you too are greatly benefited as the quality is all there.

3.   Many auto shops are not up-to-date with newer car technology.

Just because you find a trusted and highly-knowledgeable auto shop doesn’t mean they always know what they’re doing. Some auto shops are known for turning away customers because their vehicle has confusing technology or odd additions many other vehicles don’t have.

Especially if you’re strictly dealing with a technology problem with your Volkswagen vehicle, going to a Volkswagen service center is absolutely your best option. Many models have finicky or difficult-to-understand technology that the average repairman may not be able to figure out – or if they eventually do, it’s usually not very quickly.

The majority of auto shops deal with older models and have had most substantial experience with such. Even taking your Volkswagen in for simple maintenance, there often still is a technological component apart of your vehicle in order to clear or reset the warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Again, every model is different, and some are more complex than others. A regular auto shop may or may not know exactly how to make use of your model’s technology the way your manufacturer’s service center can.

4.   Volkswagen service centers have manufacturer equipment and extra parts on hand.

One of the biggest reasons to opt for a Volkswagen-specialized repair and service center is because they have the right equipment and parts on hand. Auto shops frequently have to order parts because already having parts and the right equipment on hand for every vehicle and every model is very expensive and strongly unlikely as they service a variety of vehicles daily.

Volkswagen centers, however, tend to have most parts on hand as they specialize in one vehicle brand. Even if a part needs to be ordered, it tends to be delivered quicker as the center has a relationship with the manufacturer directly. Manufacturers are often highly concerned with their branding as the auto industry is a highly-competitive market.

Best advise if you need to get your Volkswagen repaired and quickly, go to a center that services only Volkswagens.

5.    Most auto shops don’t have loaner cars available for you to use like service centers do.

Especially when something goes wrong with your vehicle, you’re obviously going to want another vehicle on hand to get to work or other whereabouts as your vehicle may be in the shop for more than a day or two.

Most traditional auto shops do not have complimentary loaner cars on hand for you to borrow while they work on your car. Usually, it is up to you to rent a vehicle as auto shops are not personally required to provide such – although it can be a major convenience both on your and the auto shop’s end.

However, going to a Volkswagen service center, you will be offered a loaner vehicle for free until your car is finished with any necessary repairs. Sometimes even if the repair or service will only take a few hours, they will often lend you another Volkswagen vehicle so you can continue on with your day rather than be stuck in a waiting room or have to have somebody else pick you up.

Because Volkswagen centers will lend you another Volkswagen model (usually a newer one), it’s a great way to get acquainted with a potentially future vehicle of yours as you get hooked onto the feel of the wheel, the new car smell, and the up-to-date technology our own vehicle may not be equipped with.

6.   You’ll pay more at a service center, but you’re more likely to receive customer satisfaction.

Sure, service centers won’t be as affordable as an average auto shop – unless your Volkswagen People First Warranty is still active. However, if quality customer service is your thing, a service center may be best for you.

Service centers can vary, but many are equipped with a luxury waiting room, staff that are more concerned regarding your needs, and complimentary drinks or snacks. The staff at these locations get paid more, are frequently trained as newer manufacturer models get released, and thus, are better willing to answer questions and tend to your vehicle’s necessary maintenance or repair.

As an added bonus, Volkswagen-certified technicians know the Volkswagen service schedule better than traditional auto shops who may reschedule you too frequently or not frequently enough.

Volkswagen Service Center FAQ:

How much does Volkswagen service cost? Service costs for Volkswagen vehicles will vary with the type of maintenance or repair needed. Keep in mind that you may be paying for any necessary parts plus the actual labor fees. For instance, an oil and filter change tends to cost about $110 with the addition of labor costs on top of that (~$84).

Can Volkswagen service Audi? Dealers vary; however, most Volkswagen service centers can do anything an Audi shop can do in terms of ordering parts and maintaining or repairing your Audi vehicle. If your Audi is still under warranty, however, take it to an Audi shop to honor the warranty as Volkswagen cannot.

What is DSG service for Volkswagen? DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox or Direkt Schalt Getriebe) service is maintenance or repair on the DSG transmission of your vehicle which is composed of two separate gear boxes versus just one clutch as many models offer. On VWs, DSG transmission should be serviced every 40,000 miles.

If the DSG transmission oil and filter is not replaced as it should, it can damage other vehicle parts and run down its performance.

Some of the Volkswagen vehicles that include DSG automatic transmission include:

  • 2016 VW Jetta Hybrid
  • Jetta GLI
  • Passat V6 trims
  • 4-cylinder VW CC options
  • The Beetle R-Line
  • The Golf GTI
  • The Eos
  • Golf R.

The majority of Volkswagen models with manual transmission is standard non-DSG, but DSG is often still offered as an upgrade.

Does Jiffy Lube service Volkswagen? Jiffy Lube will service your Volkswagen vehicle, but they will not reset your maintenance light. Your best bet if you want your maintenance light reset and if you still have service covered under the warranty is to go to a Volkswagen center for any maintenance  or repairs.

Is Volkswagen service expensive? Servicing a Volkswagen at a dealership service center can be pricier than going to a regular repair shop; however, the expertise, quality customer service, parts and equipment, and amenities are all there.

If you have an active People First Warranty, you can be sure a Volkswagen service center will honor it for reduced-cost or for free services up to six years or 72,000 miles – whichever comes first.

Additionally, if you have a Volkswagen service credit card, you can pay interest-free for up to six months and start using your card the same day you receive it.

How to check Volkswagen service history. If you aren’t sure when you last serviced your Volkswagen vehicle, checking the Volkswagen service schedule may help. However, if you are still unsure when you last received general maintenance for your Volkswagen, you can check with a Volkswagen retailer regarding your service history.

Please note that if you received service outside of the Volkswagen network system, a Volkswagen retailer will not have access to that specific history.

When to service Volkswagen – 10,000 mile service includes changing the Oil and Filter, check Airbags and AdBlue levels, rotating tires, often a basic cleaning is included. 20,000 mile service includes checking battery, brake fluid, coolant level, and tires. 40,000 mile service check includes inspecting coolants, CV Joints, brake system, battery, engine, exhaust, tires, and electric system. Additional service comes at 80,000 and 120,000 thousand miles. All service checks include the items from your 10,000 mile check and spark plugs are recommended to change ever 4 years but many will change them starting at their 40k mile service check depending on how many miles they drive per year.

If you purchased your car from a certified Volkswagen dealer it’s always best to ask them their recommendations as some Volkswagen Dealers will have slight variations.

Where to service Volkswagen? We recommend sticking to the dealership you purchased your Volkswagen from. However, if you you purchased it used, or have another reason for not wanting to use your existing dealership such as moving to a different area then you can find a trusted Volkswagen maintenance dealer near you here.

What are the Volkswagen service hours? Typical Volkswagen Service Center hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM but there is no set schedule and it can vary by an hour or two each direction. The best thing to do is call your local Volkswagen Dealer or look here if you need a new dealer.


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