Volkswagen Teases I.D. Crossover

Volkswagen teases new EV set to bridge the gap between crossovers and SUVs


Volkswagen has released the first teaser images of the next addition to its all-electric vehicle fleet dubbed I.D.

According to VW Vortex, the MEB-based crossover is set to debut at Auto Shanghai later this week.

Volkswagen say that the new EV will bridge the gap between crossovers and SUVs.

Much like the I.D. which outside is much the same size as a Golf, but inside packs the same space as a Passat, the new I.D crossover will, from the outside look more like a crossover, but have as much room as an SUV on the inside thanks to its MEB platform.

Also, because the I.D crossover will not have a big engine up front robbing some of the space in the cabin, interior space can expand. And because all of its batteries will sit way down low, the I.D. will have a very low center of gravity.

Moreover, the all-wheel drive chassis will keep the I.D. comfortable on the road as it is off-roading.

And like the I.D concepts that it succeeds, the new crossover will have  a retractable steering wheel that will dissappear whenever you don’t feel like driving and want the car to drive itself.

Volkswagen recently told VW Vortex that America’s first wave of electric vehicles will include a compact SUV, we can assume then that this I.D. crossover is headed for the U.S. market.

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