Volkswagen Three-row SUV to Debut 27 October



Volkswagen has set an official name for its seven seater SUV. It’s called the Atlas and according to Automotive News, it will be fully revealed on the 27th October at an event in Santa Monica, California.

The Volkswagen Atlas first started out in life as a concept called the CrossBlue. Volkswagen then trademarked a few new names for the production model, and while we believed it would be called the Teramont, the name ‘Atlas’ was the cell that made it to the egg.

Contrary to Volkswagen’s previous offerings in the crossover and SUV segment, the new seven seater was always meant to have a name that’s easier for Americans to pronounce. Also, Volkswagen was probably looking to change its convention of using ‘T’ as the first letter of its big car names.

According to VW Vortex, the Volkswagen Atlas will be built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and will be based on the company’s MQB modular platform. Once the Atlas has launched, a new larger Tiguan model will go on sale mid-2017, VW Vortex reports.

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